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Joe Pasquale: Live


Viva Blackpool
3 Church Street FY1 1HJ Blackpool England
The one and only Joe Pasquale is in town for a one night special as a part of his UK tour for 2016.

Do not miss this master of comedy – at his hilarious best right here at VIVA Blackpool

Yes it's that time of year again, Joe Pasquale is BACK!

The star of five Royal Variety Shows (will the Queen never learn?), the King Of The Jungle will be discussing things like "Why is an orange called and orange when a carrot is more orange than an orange?".

If that makes any sense to you, come and see the man in action. See his bunion read your mind, feel the power of his psychic haemmorhoids as they open your third eye... this show has to be seen to be belived. Waffle pan optional.